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Help: How is working Ads Paradise's site ?

1. Enter your ad

Category: Select the good category. If you do not select the good category we can change it.
Do not place different advertisements for the same item.

You can write several ads in different categories.
Your name: Give your full name and real name. Nicknames and truncated names are refused.
Anonymous names like 'superman' or 'kingkong' will be refused.
Country: This is your home country, where you live currently.
Address: Give here your full address. (street, town, zip code)
Title: Give a short description of your item
Description: Give a full description of your item
Note: Enter some additional information (preference, quality, color, size, ...)
Email: Give your email. NICE! your email will be hidden against spam. As you can observe nobody can get your email.
Sell, exchange, buy : Say if you want or not to exchange or buy or sell your item.

2. Submitting your ad

Your ad will be submitted to us for approbation. When it is approved, you will be informed by email. Then follow the instructions present in this email.

3. Language

Only English is accepted. Other language will be refused.

4. Question: How long will be displayed my ad ?

It will be displayed during 90 days. After this period your advertisement is removed from our server. But you will be informed by email.
Feel free to enter your ad again at anytime.

5. Question: What should I do if someone contacts me ?

You will get a personal message in your mail box, or you could be contacted by phone if you decided it.
If you agree or not this, by courtesy for others PLEASE reply to this email.
If you like to be contacted then reply if someone contacts you.

6. Question: How can I remove my ad ?

Send a mail to AP and we will remove your ad at once. here

7. About responsibility: "Important"

Ads Paradise is not responsible for the transactions made in this site.
We will help you if you wish to clarify some situation.

8. About bad contacts

We removes bad contacts and dishonnest people. We try to keep this site as safe as possible for you.
Help us: If you see or encounter a bad contact in our pages, please inform us quickly. here

9. See all our functions

Ads Paradise offers several facilities in order to help selling, buying or exchanging items.
View our sitemap : here

10. How many advertissements ?

You can post 20 advertissements with our site.

11. Prohibited items

See the prohited item list before posting your advertisement.
Prohibited item list : here

12. Your contribution

AP is 100% free. Nothing to pay. No registration needed.
If you feel happy with us, if you want to support AP and if you have nothing else to do, thanks for visiting our partners.

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